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Established in the year 2009 by Badarinarayana Iyengar, it an eminent yoga centre in Mysore. It exceeds expectations in giving learning about control. Each person gets due attention from the mentor to do correct asanas and pranayamas.


The brainchild of Sonali Khorakiwala, it is a well-being and health centre situated in the city of Mysore. This luxurious spa offers an unmatched service through its comprehensive administrations, treatments and kneads.


A must visit destination, it is situated on the banks of the Kaveri. Guided by famous ornithologist Dr Salim Ali, it is a reproducing ground for several colourful and transient flying creatures.


Also called as Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Patio Garden, it was set up in 1892 and is one of the first zoos in the world. It houses an assortment of uncommon and fascinating untamed life including green anacondas, giraffes, etc. 

Bangalore is the nearest international airport which is well connected by various national and international flights. It takes three hours from Mysore to Bangalore.

Mysore Railway Station is well connected by the Indian railways network. Several trains connect the city with different states and cities of the nation.

Several state and private transport buses connect the city to Bangalore and nearby states.


Built in 1897-1912, Mysore Palace is a mind-boggling man-made building and one of India's most visited attractions. It was previously an imperial home of the strong Wodeyar rulers who ruled Mysore for seven centuries.


Constructed by Sir Mirza Ismail, this garden has a natural park with watercraft rides in the lake and wellsprings. The highlight of this garden is its symmetric configuration and it is studded with topiaries, pergolas and gazebos.

A striking building wonder built on the Kabini River in Mysore, this huge structure ascends to a height of around 2,284 feet. You can see water pouring out lavishly while making a sputtering clamour on peaceful water of the stream.

It is the biggest Tibetan Buddhist focal point of the Nyingma heredity on the planet. However, it has turned into a noteworthy vacation spot inferable from its involved structural planning and a terrific feeling of scale and hues.


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