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The Andaman & Nicobar Islands have been inhabited for several thousand years, at the very least. The earlier archaeological evidence yet documented goes back some 2,200 years; however, the indications from genetic, cultural and linguistic isolation studies point to habitation going back 30,000 – 60,000 years, well into the Middle Palaeolithic. In the Andaman Islands, the various Andamanese people maintained their separated existence through the vast majority of this time, diversifying into distinct linguistic, cultural and territorial groups. By the 1850s when they first came into sustained contact by outside groups, the indigenous people of Andamans were: the Great Andamanese, who collectively represented at least 10 distinct sub groups and languages; the Jarawa: the jungle (or Rutland Jarawa); the Onge; and the Sentinelese (the most isolated of all the groups). The indigenous peoples of the Nicobars (unrelated to the Andamanese) have a similarly isolated and lengthy association with the islands. There are two main groups: the Nicobarese, or Nicobari living throughout many of the islands; and the Shompen, restricted to the interior of Great Nicobar.

Sea Walking

The underwater walk is totally an exclusive experience one can have to explore the ultimate marine life. Feed the fishes and swim across the dreamland. 

Water Sports

Various water sports activities are available in Andaman for people looking for an extra thrill. Most popular water sports in Port Blair are kayaking, kite surfing and parasailing.

Forest Museum

This museum is run by the forest department of Andaman. You can learn about the forest habitat and plant species here.  

Anthropological Museum

The museum showcases a collection related to the local tribes of the region. Established in 1975, it displays facts about Negroid and Mongoloid tribes of the Nicobar Islands.

Port Blair is the main airport in the city. It is connected by Kolkata and Chennai by Air India, Jet Airways and Vistara.


It is the most stunning island in Andaman. It is popular because of the Asia's best beach winner, Radhanagar Beach. It is the most beautiful beach in Asia and an absolutely calm and serene location to experience tranquillity.

Cellular Jail

The infamous place where all the freedom fighters used to be tortured for months is a mute witness to the cruelty meted out on them. It is now a pilgrimage site for the visitors.

Chattam Saw Mills

Owned by the forest department, it is the oldest and the biggest sawmill in Asia. It has a big storehouse for different varieties of woods and it processes wood for furniture.

Chidiya Taapu

It is well known for its rich collection of birds, white spotted deer and orchids. It draws a high number of visitors throughout the year and is a perfect place for nature lovers. It has many beaches and beautiful coral reefs to explore.

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