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Nepal, officially Kingdom of Nepal, constitutional monarchy in southern Asia, bounded on the north by the Tibetan Autonomous Region in China and on the east, south and west by India. The area of Nepal is 140,797 sq km (54,362 sq mt). Nepal occupies one of the most mountainous parts of the world, a characteristic that has contributed to its isolation. Because of its landlocked position, however, Nepal must maintain friendly relations with the neighboring nations of China and India. Since the 1970s the country has attracted growing numbers of tourists as well as skilled mountain climbers

National Capital Territory - Kathmandu

Useful Things To Know

Official Name

Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal


27 Million approx


147,181 square kilometres (56,827 sq mi)

Geographical Location

Lies between latitudes 26° and 31°N, and longitudes 80° and 89°E.


Nepalese ruppes ( NPR)



Calling code


Time zone

NPT (UTC+5:45)